Welcome to Brainy Boss

Behind the Brain of Brainy Boss

Hey! You! The one surrounded by to-do lists and unanswered emails, and oh yeah that birthday card you were supposed to send to your cousin MONTHS ago--I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to Brainy Boss. I made this site because I see you over there creating a mini-empire in your closet office. And I understand how lonely it can get to be a micropreneur and how vital connecting with like-minded people truly is. I get it, because I was just like you.

After creating several separate enterprises from the ground up, I have spent decades of my life trying to figure out exactly how to create a business that is run efficiently and actually produces the results you’re aiming for. And I spent most of that time doing it almost entirely on my own.

That’s where you come in, and why I created Brainy Boss.

Because I want to make a place for people like you and me to hang out, connect, and support one another in tangible ways that really work. I know there’s a ton of options out there when you’re looking for support with your business. And I know most of them probably won’t help you very much. Why? Because you are a micropreneur. (Or maybe you’re not...if that’s the case, this website probably isn’t for you.) Aren’t even sure what a micropreneur is? Let me fill you in.

The official definition of a microbusiness is “a business that operates on a very small scale, or one with no more than five employees.” But to me, the heart of it is this: you’re a micropreneur if feel like your business can’t run if you’re not there---or truly, since you are your business, without you everything’s put on hold. Does that sound familiar?

The reality is most of the business coaches and programs you’ll find out there are run by folks who have built large-scale businesses, and the techniques they offer simply won’t work if you only have a handful of people helping you, none of them full-time. You need advice and strategy that is custom-made for the stage your business is in right here and right now.

More than anything else, I created Brainy Boss because I know what it’s like to be exhausted and in desperate need of the right kind of support. I’ve been through networking event hell, spending hours failing to connect to business owners whose lives were nothing like mine. I’ve wasted money on business consultants and marketing strategist that urged me to hire a team of people I couldn’t afford or simply didn’t get what made a microbiz different. And I’ve definitely been lonely at the end of some long days, not knowing where to turn when I just wanted simple business questions answered in a straightforward way.

In a nutshell, I’ve been where you are and I’ve come through on the other side. Brainy Boss is an online community where you can learn from my mistakes and get your business where you want it to be sooner than you think. I’ll be creating podcasts and blog posts with all of my favorite tips, and taking my cues from you and your questions as well.

And I’ve made sure that that Brainy Boss is structured according to YOUR schedule. When you join, you’ll get 24/7 access to the Brainy Boss hive mind FB group. That way, when you wake up at 3AM with a new idea that needs some group think, there will be micropreneurs like you ready to ask the right questions or give you the feedback you need to move forward. I’ll be hanging out there alongside the rest of you, offering regular Pick My BossBrain hours throughout the week.

Also, when you sign up, you’ll get plugged in to my regular weekly content, which I’ll deliver right to you--regular blog posts, a podcast on Tuesdays, and occasional relevant tidbits here and there. And, because it wouldn’t be Brainy Boss if we didn’t use our brains, you’ll also gain access to the Brainy Boss Book Club, a monthly discussion and review of the absolute best references and materials out there for you to get your business into overdrive--without driving you crazy. And don’t worry--if you don’t read the book right away, it’s ok! All of the information will be fully available for you when you do have the time.

So welcome. Make yourself comfortable, take a look around and go ahead--give yourself a pat on the back. I promise joining Brainy Boss will be one of those business decisions you’ll be too busy putting into action to ever regret.