Time, my favorite subject

Those that know me know that time is a BIG deal to me. I protect my time with a vengeance! This is what I know…what get’s measured gets managed and when I measure out the time I am using for different things, I manage it better.

A couple things I love for doing this are Time Blocking and the Pomodoro technique.

Time blocking is exactly what it says: Block out time for things.

What things? ALL the things!

When time blocking is done correctly, there will be no blank spaces on your calendar. That does not mean you don’t have free time, it just means you block it out. For example, on Sunday, I block out the whole day and name it “no go”. That just tells me that it is a “no go” day for scheduling anything. I know that every week I will have a full day of free time that I can use as I want. Maybe I sit around all day in sweats and read. Maybe I deep clean my house. Maybe I spend all day walking around the city. No plan- just one day that I know my time isn’t going to someone else (unless I want it to).

Why time block?

Because our brain likes it. If we put something on the calendar, we have told our brain that we are unavailable for other things, making it easier to be present in that moment.

Here are a few ideas for time blocking: Time ON your business, time IN your business, free time, family, food prep, exercise, sleep, listening to Brainy Boss Podcast (of course!).

Blocking out all your time puts YOU in the driver’s seat of how your time is used.

Now, during those blocks where you need to Do A Thing, use the Pomodoro technique. This is easy. Set a timer for a certain duration (I use 22 minutes) and work on ONE thing for that time. Then set a timer for 5 minutes and take a break. If you are doing something very cerebral, get up and move your body. Your brain will enjoy the break and when you get back to the next timed cycle, it will be refreshed and ready to go. Repeat this cycle for the time block you have set aside. If I have two hours set aside to get a project done, I alternate 22 minutes/5 minutes for the entire two hours. Seriously, give it a try! You will be amazed at the results.

Time Blocking + Pomodoro = BIG results

I want to hear how this works for you! Let me know.