Quick Ways to Communicate Value

There are easy ways to convey to someone that you value them professionally.

Use this quick list with employees and professional contacts to deepen your connection.

  • Be on time

    • What is late? Anytime after the agreed time. 9:01 is late to a 9:00 meeting.

    • What is early? Anytime greater than 10 minutes before the agreed time.

    • What is on time? For a 9:00 meeting, 8:50-9:00.

  • Read what people send you (emails, texts) instead of asking for a summary.

    • Don’t: “I didn’t have a chance to read your email, can you tell me what was about, basically?”

    • Do: “Thank you for your email, it was helpful. Let’s discuss…”

    • This is true for Voicemails too- listen to them.

  • Be reciprocal

    • Ok but not great: “Can introduce me to so-and-so?”

    • Better: “I would love to me so-and-so, if you would be willing to introduce us, that would be great. And if there is anyone I can connect you with, let me know.”

  • Say Thank You

    • This is pretty basic. If you get business from someone, thank them. If and employee brings business into the company, thank them. It can be informal like an email but there is really no replacement for an old fashioned hand written note. The method of thank you can be determined by the circumstances.