Where is the focus: Roots or Leaves?

Picture business as a tree.

Although most of our focus should be on creating a strong, healthy root structure, it is very easy to get distracted by the leaves and branches.

Think of the leaves as an ever changing part of your business:

Employees come and go, clients come and go, sales fluctuate. Just as leaves change with the seasons, so do these parts of our business. This is a normal part of any business but sometimes we see the leaves falling from the tree and panic, thinking the tree is unhealthy or dying when, in actuality, it is just part of the cycle of business.

Sometimes a storm comes through and breaks a branch off the tree. A key employee quits without proper notice or a big client goes elsewhere. Again easy to think the tree is dying, especially if the visible damage is big.

In these times, always turn to the roots.

Is your base strong enough to weather the wind and storms? Nurture the roots and you will find the seasons easier to withstand.