Optimal Workspace

Years ago my “desk” was a cardboard box that I carried around with me and unpacked wherever I could find a free space: Kitchen table, folding card table in the corner, reception desk after hours. I spent years without setting up A Dedicated Space to do my work. I was really tired of having to unpack my desk every time I wanted to get anything done.

Maybe you aren’t that bad. Maybe you have a dedicated space in your house or even a dedicated office in your house or somewhere else. No matter what you situation is, setting up your work space for optimal performance is a necessity!

And even though a dedicated space is a must-have, it is only the beginning. Getting set up ergonomically is also critical.

I have come a long way from the cardboard box. Here are is what I do now and why:

  • Separate office space. Even though my business is in my home, I rented an office space next door so I would have a dedicated place that is only there for work. No more kitchen table projects.

  • A standing desk. This is mine. There are many ways to create a standing desk and I like one that is adjustable up and down. Standing desks decrease fatigue and increase brain performance. Read more benefits here.

  • With a standing desk, you may need to lift your computer and monitors to be at eye level so you aren’t looking down. These are what I use. . There are plenty others- just search “monitor risers” on Amazon.

  • An anti-fatigue mat. This is a good one. You can also find these at Costco or Office Depot.

  • I like to alternate my anti-fatigue mat with this balance board.

  • Finally, I use blue light filter glasses. Artificial blue light, which is abundant on computer and phone screens, causes a lot of fatigue. These glasses are cheap and effective. By the way, you can also add software to your computer to filter blue light. F.lux is a great one! I prefer glasses only because I can take them on and off quickly. Blue light glasses WILL change the colors you see on your monitor. That is no problem for text documents but can be problematic when I am working on my website and need to see color accurately.

These things are a few tools I use to improve my productivity in my dedicated workspace. If you want to start with just one thing, make it the blue light glasses. You will notice a big decrease on eye fatigue, headaches and general tiredness from staring a computer screen all the time!

What is your current set up?

P.S. Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I make some money off them!