What's your favorite excuse?

Question: What is the story you tell yourself that leads to not getting stuff done?

We all do it, and it doesn’t make you a failure.  It’s just part of who we are as humans. But….

If you’re going to run a business, you have GOT to get real with your excuses and create tools that will help you break through them.

Let’s talk about why “just do it” doesn’t work, and I’ll share some excuse-busting methods that DO work and how to personalize them for yourself!

The online space is noisy. You’re constantly going to hear advice that isn’t helpful. Maybe you tell someone that you have a hard time networking, for example.  They will probably say, “Just do it, it is easy once you start!”

Sure, that is sorta true. Everything gets easier after we’ve done it a couple times...

But what if you don’t like networking because you have anxiety or you don’t know what to talk about? Then that “just do it” advice is useless, right?

What if you created tools to work through your anxiety around small talk instead of telling yourself to “just do it” and hoping you’ll actually follow through on that?

After the tools are in place then yes, there is a leap of faith when you have to take in order to Do The Thing… and that’s where the “just do it” advice is more helpful.

Every single person on the planet had a first time doing The Thing- so you’re not alone. You can do it! And it will be a whole lot easier with the right tools- so focus on that first.

How do you find or create the tools you need?

 Well, having a good mentor is one way! Read more about why mentorship matters here!

Another way to create these tools is by thinking about what has worked for you in the past.

If you have anxiety, can you take a friend with you to a networking meeting?  

Remember, you can start with a small networking meeting. And what about going to a networking meeting that isn’t related to your business at all just to practice? Then you won’t feel like the outcome is as important, and you can focus on learning and getting more comfortable in a networking atmosphere.

If you don’t know what to talk about, prep yourself by having questions or comments prepared in advance. Ask people a question that they WANT to answer. For example, ask people what they love about what they do. Then THEY will be talking and you don’t have to worry about what to say or worrying about what they think of you.

That is just one example, but it works for anything!

If you are a procrastinator…

(I am!) Try some of my favorite methods:

  • Scheduling times to work on something and end with a reward when you finish The Thing.

  • Think about how good you will feel when you’re done (really, think about it!)  

  • Set imaginary deadlines.
    For example, if I need to do something by Friday, I put the due date as Monday.  
    For whatever reason, it works!

Finally, look at your excuses and do this:

Change the word “excuse” to “hurdle” and decide how you are going to get over that hurdle!

Tell me: What is YOUR biggest hurdle at the moment?
Share in the comments and I will give you some tools to try!