Refining Your Inner Circle | Networking Insights

You’ve probably heard the saying “Your Network is your Net Worth”.  This typically applies on a larger scale and is quite accurate.  Building and maintaining business relationships is a beneficial use of time.

However, we are often less intentional about our closest network, our inner circle. 

For most of us, the circle of our closest friends tends to just happen without much thought or cultivation.  However, who we surround ourselves with is hugely important.

The goal of any inner circle should be to rise and evolve together as a group. 

This is why having even one person in your inner circle who is not excited about your growth as a business owner and leader can seriously impact your progress.

Building that circle is easier said than done.

You may know exactly who in your inner circle is holding you back but not know how to change anything. Or you may feel stuck with the friend and figure there is nothing to do about it. I am here to tell you that you MUST do something about it.

Refine The Circle!!  

What does this look like?  It isn’t easy. I can promise you that.  But it is worth it. Sometimes you can just slowly allow a relationship to fade.  Sometimes you need to have a formal break-up. Or maybe you need to have a serious heart-to-heart with this person about how you can help each other.  

It is a possibility the person is unintentionally sabotaging you and is interested in adjusting for the sake of the relationship.  I have had this chat with someone and it ended blossoming into an amazing, supportive relationship. I have also had the other side of it in which my request for a mutually beneficial relationship was met with arguing and defensiveness.  

However, in the end, I refined my circle.  

Honestly, it isn’t about THEM.

YOU are part of someone’s inner circle as well.  It goes both ways, so make sure you are all about their growth and success.  

A favorite quote of mine is “Pay attention to the people who don’t clap when you win”. 

Your circle should not only clap, but they should give a standing ovation for your success. Likewise, you need to be clapping your heart out for them.

Who isn’t clapping for you?  They don’t deserve a place in your inner circle. 

Refine, refine, refine.

Then take a step back and make sure you’re being a great inner-circle member yourself. How do you show your support?