Marie Condo doesn't live here.

Let’s get something straight.

My t-shirt drawer is not neatly organized, I have a junk drawer in my kitchen and sometimes my desk is a big mess.

By nature, I am a messy person.  

For a long time, I just lived that way. I was always stressed out while looking for something important and forgetting something that was buried in a pile.  I had this on-going, low-grade anxiety about my lack of organization all the time.

As my business grew, that anxiety grew as well.  More to manage, more to forget. Things fell through the cracks.  

I knew I needed to change my ways or I wouldn’t be in business for much longer.

So, I started developing systems and habits to make things better.  Slowly but surely, the anxiety lifted and everything became easier.

I was surprised to realize I also had more time.  I had NO idea how much time I had been wasting constantly searching for things!  I knew I would never go back to my old habits.

But that doesn’t mean I have changed.  I am still Messy Me underneath all my systems.  Having the systems in place just means this messy person doesn’t have a lot of room to mess things up anymore.

What I’m saying is: It is ok if you are messy and disorganized.  

No judgment here. I get you. I am no Marie Kondo either and probably never will be be.  That is why we need systems!

You just need the right tools to help you.  

It took me years. It doesn’t have to take you that long.

It doesn’t matter if you just started your business or if you are years down the road.  Hiding out to avoid having your mess be noticed is stressful and it’s a waste of your precious time.  

That stress is hurting your business but more importantly, it is hurting you!

Instead of being ashamed of your mess, it’s time to come out of your messy closet and know that you are among friends! Can you think of any systems or routines that might help with a specific mess in your life?