Better Business from the Ground Up


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    Rethink the Hustle

    There is a lot of advice out there about the best way to run a business. It is virtually impossible to get on social media without seeing a quote or clip about hustling or doing whatever it takes. Big, successful names Out There say that business is all sacrifice and you can sleep when you are dead. Guess what- it is all crap. It is a myth that has been perpetuated for too long and it is time to rethink the hustle.

    Business ownership is about work. No doubt about it. It is about efficient work, not just work for the sake of something to do. So often when you ask someone how they are, the standard answer is “Busy!” But busy doing what? We don’t actually need to be busy all the time.

    Intentional hustle- the art of working effectively on the right things- is the new hustle. Building systems and creating routines can create the space in life that can be filled with other things besides workaholism.

    Reclaim Time

    Your time is being stolen every single day. You need to post on this social media and comment on that post. You need to answer emails as soon as you get them which is easy since you can check them right on your smart phone 24/7. You need to answer chats, DMs and texts. And between that, have another pointless meeting and get interrupted by a question you have answered a hundred times.

    Your time is being stolen one precious minute at a time and it is time to reclaim it!

    We need to work longer hours because of all these distractions when, in fact, we can work less if we can just focus on the work in front of us. It is up to us to create this new culture in our own businesses. There is nothing that says a profitable business must be accessible 24 hours a day from 10 different directions. In fact, businesses that learn to create a culture of unhurried, purposeful work last longer and report a higher quality of life.

    Businesses that look past the pull of real time communication and instead focus on the long game of sustainability last longer and have happier owners. Happier owners equal happier employees. Happier employees equal a great working culture.


    “Every second is of infinite value.”



    Focus on Effective

    Is the work you are doing effective? Do you even know why you are doing certain things? Discovering the highest and best use of your time as an owner is the single best thing you can do for the longevity of your company and the preservation of your health.

    It is completely possible to have a profitable, successful business in less than 40 hours a week. It is possible to go on vacations or, even better, create a life in which you are not always dreaming of the next vacation because you need a break so badly.

    Designing our businesses so that our time is used well and our team members feel that their time is respected starts with creating effective systems.

    The best systems understand that behind the business name is a team of humans who need to disconnect from work and connect to themselves. Humans that need to be able to live their life without fear of losing their jobs.

    Build systems with a happy, healthy human as the focus and your business will flourish! Let’s rethink work and redesign our businesses from the ground up.