Podcast Guest Instructions



Thank you for being a guest on the Brainy Boss podcast. This podcast focuses on productivity, time management and systems that small business owners use to get things done. The format is a casual interview where we discuss specific things that work for you in your business so that other business owners can learn from your success.


  • I use Zoom to record our conversation. A link is provided for you in the confirmation email. Just click the link at the time of our meeting and follow the instructions.

  • If you use your computer to call in, please use headphones. Standard earbuds work just fine.

  • We will NOT be using video so feel free to wear your comfy sweats!

  • When we first connect, I will not be recording right away. We will chat for a bit and then I will let you know before I start recording.


  • Please note that our meeting is set for a 2-hour window. Do not panic if this seems long. The podcast is generally about 45 minutes to an hour but I like to book a 2-hour window on Zoom in case we get into some great stuff and we want to keep talking. However, if you have a time constraint, just let me know and I will happily accommodate.

  • I will send you a general topic ahead of time. There is no need to prep, your spontaneous responses are the best! However, I will ask about specific and actionable things that you do so our listeners can learn from your awesomeness.