Annie is, in my opinion, a creative genius. She is a self made success- a gold mine of brilliance that can serve anyone who truly wants success as well. I have personally benefitted and grown in ways I couldn't have imagined before consulting with Annie and applying her methods & ideas. She inspires greatness.  

-Mari Matney



Since I have known Annie she has been a trusted resource of information and knowledge of all things business. It is rare to find anyone as passionate about business and helping them to grow and succeed! I can count on her to always have current information as I know she prides herself on being updated and a valuable resource to others.  I have been able to approach her with several questions regarding my small business. Some things being pivotal in how my business as a whole moves forward and continues to grow. I genuinely trust and appreciate her insight and investment into me and my business. It goes without saying that I will continue to work with her and trust her as an outside influence to grow and scale my business.

-Charlene Matthews

Annie has a superior work ethic with a stellar client focused attitude to assist in the blossoming of your own greatest potential. Her welcoming heart and sunshiney presence immensely adds to the exceptional one of a kind experience it is to work with her.
Annie is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate in helping others. She is thoroughly organized and her explanations make your understandings unfold with ease.Consulting should exhibit knowledge accompanied by experience, altruism coinciding with kindness, and discipline along with an open-minded perspective. Annie embodies these qualities exceptionally and flourishes in the art of helping others succeed. 

-Mikayla Slough



Annie LaCroix's business consulting has been an enormous help to me and my small business. Her steady thoughtfulness combined with a wise intensity generates some outside of the box thinking. She's helped me find perspective and look at things creatively. She has helped me see things in a more balanced way and helped us find creative solutions to complex problems. I deeply appreciate her experience and lean on her for her business acumen regularly.

-Teri Mayo